At APPYTOYS, we are dedicated to ensuring a seamless and convenient shopping experience for our valued customers. Here's a breakdown of our tracking and ordering process:

Order Fulfillment:
All orders placed on the APPYTOYS e-commerce platform are dispatched from our logistics centers located across various European nations to the delivery point, facilitated by our reliable courier service. The choice of the transport service for your order is determined based on factors such as the destination country, product availability, the quantity of items ordered, and several other considerations.

Our Priority:
Our top priority is to deliver your orders securely, utilizing couriers that handle transported products with care, ensuring swift delivery times at competitive costs.

Providing Tracking Numbers:
Currently, APPYTOYS provides a tracking number for each order sent to the following countries: Italy, Austria, Croatia, France, Germany, Slovenia, Netherlands, Hungary, Czechia, Luxembourg, Spain, Belgium, Bulgaria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Denmark, Greece, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ireland, Switzerland, United Kingdom. Customers from these countries will receive an email containing the tracking number upon handing over their order to the courier. This tracking number allows you to monitor the transit of your order until it reaches you.

Special Note for Malta:
For orders to the Island of Malta, we have initiated a new pilot project aimed at reducing the environmental impact of transportation and minimizing the economic impact of transportation costs on product prices. If you're interested in learning more about this initiative, click [here].

Tracking in Malta:
To facilitate an efficient and cost-effective delivery service for our Malta customers, APPYTOYS offers the option to receive every order FREE of charge, without imposing a minimum order requirement.

But does this mean I won't know when my order will arrive?
No, APPYTOYS guarantees that your order will be processed on the same day, and transit is scheduled for extremely precise* home delivery. All orders to the Island of Malta are delivered within a timeframe ranging from 5 to 7 working days*. To know exactly when your order will be delivered, click [here].

Thanks to the consolidation of orders directed to Malta, we can offer a fast, reliable, and always FREE delivery service. Not bad, right? Moreover, through this project, we annually reduce the environmental impact of transportation by over 60% compared to individual shipments.

For over two years, APPYTOYS has also been committed to packaging recycling. Therefore, all merchandise is shipped in reused packaging, and deliveries to Malta are made without the use of third-party packaging.

*Barring logistical issues beyond our control, such as adverse weather conditions, unnavigable seas, natural disasters, high traffic periods coinciding with religious or secular holidays, or any other circumstances that may lead to delays in transit times by the carrier, APPYTOYS is committed to promptly notifying customers of such situations.
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